Existence is to be loved

Before he died, a man told the late Guru Osho that he could not understand women and asked for his comment. Osho simply replied, “a woman is to be loved, not understood.”

If that sounds a bit sexist I should elaborate that Osho went on to explain that everything in existence, however it manifests, be it man, woman, bird, animal, plant or mountain, is a complete mystery and far beyond anyone’s understanding. He also pointed out that even scientists who used to believe they would be able to eventually unravel all the mysteries of existence have come to realise they will never have all the answers.

If that is so, then we can all relax and stop worrying. We can simply allow existence to sort itself out. After all, when we humans intervene, we usually make things worse.

Does that mean we should give up on conservation or trying to reverse global warming? I don’t know. What I do know is that existence or nature is so vast, complicated and immensely powerful we are probably incapable of changing anything and unless we absolutely stop doing everything that enables our material existence, and the economies it’s based on, to continue, we will always be beaten by nature.

Which leads me to conclude that probably existence is to be loved, not understood.


Growing old disgracefully

Lots of people I meet have a fear of getting old, but there are many advantages of experiencing your advancing years which can make the whole thing great fun.

My mum, for example, lived to be 98 years old and in her latter years (the last 30 or so) she had a knack of coming out with the most outrageous comments seemingly at the drop of a hat because she realised that whatever she said, it no longer mattered. It was obvious to see she was coming from her heart, and usually reveling in the mischief she was causing, but it was all very good natured and for her, totally liberating.

She enjoyed life to the full right up to the end because she seemed to accept that old age was creeping up on her and adjusted her mindset accordingly. People loved to visit her as she sat regally in her armchair holding court as if she were the Queen, she loved holding babies and liberally dispensing wisdom to the many people, young and old, who came in their droves to visit her.

It occurred to me when I was younger, that the world is a dangerous place and if I made it to sixty years old I would have had a pretty fair innings, and anything over and above that would be bonus time. Let’s just say I’m well into that bonus time now and loving every golden moment (except when I have to waste my precious time doing my tax return) because I’m following her example and doing what I love.

I feel blessed because I am still able, physically and mentally, to skipper my boat, and I try to look after my health assiduously but not obsessively (your health is undoubtedly your most treasured asset). I never torture myself with violent exercise like aerobics, but keep flexible by doing Tai Chi, which is respectful to the body. I still do a few DIY and carpentry jobs around my house and in my beloved shed/workshop, and I’m learning the piano. And then there’s writing.

Writing is the way in which I express myself best. It’s the only thing I’m really good at and I love doing it. My lifelong dream has been to produce books, and now I have had two of them published with more in the pipeline.

Life Coaching has given me so much as well, especially as I now understand that achieving any goal is absolutely doable, if they are the goals that are right for you and if you have a genuine, burning desire to achieve them.

But best of all, as you get older you gather experience, and that’s what really adds quality to your life. Experience is something you cannot buy or be taught or be trained in. The only way to gain experience is to put in the hard yards, put your money where your mouth is, get your finger out and do something – preferably something you love – and master it.

So please, we all get older, there is no escape from that, but no more lamenting or complaining about it. Live every day as if it were your last, focus on the positives and enjoy every moment.

PS If you are interested in the two books I mentioned above, you’ll find full details on my website, http://www.dave-robson.com

Have a nice day…


News from dave-robson.com

Hello folks,

It’s such a long time since I posted anything and now I’m feeling guilty. I do have a reason, it’s not an excuse though. I’ve been working my backside off to get my new book completed, edited (several times) and out there, and at the same time I’ve finally created my long awaited new website. Here’s the stuff you need to know:

News from


New year
New book
New website
New e-mail address!

Much to celebrate this New Year as at last my new book, How to be a Popular Crew, is published by TSL Books, and to go with it I finally have my new website up and running. It has details of that publication as well as my first book, The Five Pillars of Happiness and much more besides.

Please check it out at dave-robson.com and please feel free to e-mail me some feedback at my new e-mail address, info@dave-robson.com

Phone number still the same: 0208 374 7911

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My New Year’s resolution: to post more often!

No excuses

It’s almost the end of July and before we can blink it will be the end of the sailing season.

It’s a time that’s always a little bit sad for me, a bit like coming to the end of your lollypop when you’re a kid. But it’s also tinged with some wonderful memories of the summer just gone, and many are the stories of the deep that will be told among sailing friends as we toast each other and Neptune on terra firma over the Christmas period to come.

Having a boat is not just an idol whim as far as I’m concerned, nor either is it a status symbol as it is for many. Boat-owning and sailing is an affair of the heart, plain and simple. I deeply, passionately adore sailing – I don’t really know why, and I don’t have to know why. If I could only get afloat in a bathtub I’d be out there.

All I know is that as soon as I step on board a boat I feel immediately I’m in my element. I feel right at home, completely in my comfort zone. Maybe it’s because I’m a Piscean, which makes me a fish at heart.

Now I’ve said this many a time and I’ll say it again: Do what you love, love what you do. Get out there and do it, whatever it is that floats your boat. And don’t let me hear anyone say, “oooh your so lucky to have a boat…” As I’ve also said many times before, luck has very little to do with it. You choose what you want in your life and you do anything and everything to make it happen. If I’d have loved skiing I’d have spent my money on skis. If I’d loved mountaineering I’d have spent my money on climbing gear. As it is, I spent my hard earned dosh on learning to sail and buying a boat. That’s what money is for.

There are no excuses. Either you get out there and do what you love or you spend your one and only lifetime regretting that you didn’t. What a waste! I’m saying this because I want to share my joy. If you do what you love your life will be filled with awe, wonder and enjoyment and it’s available to everyone.

Pride comes before a fall

Whether you like her or not, I can’t help feeling sorry for Mother Theresa (Theresa May, that is).

She was handed a poisoned chalice when former Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned after misjudging his idea to have a referendum about leaving the EU, she was saddled with implementing a policy she didn’t believe in (before the referendum she campaigned in favour of remaining in the EU), and she thought she was high in the popularity ratings and as a result misjudged her notion to call a general election to “achieve a stronger mandate” for herself before carrying out the Brexit negotiations.

In my opinion, she was perceived as arrogant in assuming her main opposition was unelectable and that she could bank on an increased majority. The British electorate does not like being expected to collude in any politician’s arrogance. Now she has created even more confusion and uncertainty. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, as the French would say.

Just shows you what can happen if you try to do something huge (Brexit) that you don’t believe in.

It would have been much more in keeping with the behaviour of the Impeccable Warrior if, after the referendum and Cameron’s resignation, she simply said, “sorry, I don’t believe in Brexit so I’ll hand over the reins to somebody who does.” I’m sure there would have been plenty of takers.

I do believe we are ready for some political leaders who behave with integrity. In fact, that would be a huge relief. Is there anybody suitable on the horizon?


Why worry?

Somebody recently sent me this:

Do you have a problem in your life? > No. > Then why worry?

Do you have a problem in your life? > Yes > Can you do something about it? > Yes. > Then why worry?

Do you have a problem in your life? > Yes > Can you do something about it? > No. > Then why worry?

Brilliant! I love it!