What’s the point?


I still thank my lucky stars I was born in the UK, and I’m still so proud to be a Londoner!

We’re just about to have a free and fair general election and if they (whoever “they” might be) believe they can intimidate us Londoners into running scared they’ve got another think coming! Last week it was sympathy and sadness for Manchester, now it’s anger for London.

It’s taken centuries for our free democracy to evolve and our equal voting rights to develop and we still have many problems to solve. But despite the blandishments of our misguided political leaders, at least we are gradually progressing along a path of trying to solve them and work for a better, fairer society. Then this happens. How long will it take for all the people of the world to evolve to a higher level of consciousness?

There are so many questions. Can anyone please tell me, what is the point of this mindless violence? What does it achieve? If an innocent man, woman or child dies in London, does that really help anyone’s cause? I don’t get it. Have we lost all respect for one another in this so-called enlightened age? Is it really that difficult to learn to co-exist with our brothers and sisters, no matter what their religious or political beliefs?

It beggars belief but this, it seems, is what we have come to.


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