What will Donald do next?

Every morning I turn on the radio and there’s more and more blah blah blah about Donald Trump.

I’m getting tired of the speculation – is he or is he not going to spark off World War III?

So far we’ve had reports of serious misogyny, racism (keeping out Muslims and Mexicans), allegations of election rigging, undoing the work of Obama, condoning torture, and all sorts of horrific policies too numerous to mention. It seems that Donald went to the bluster school of diplomacy. I think his idea is that if he comes out with a bold, outrageous and aggressive statement as his initial stance on an issue, he can then use that as an initial negotiating position and then row back from that to something only slightly less extreme in the belief that this will look reasonable by comparison.

Above all, Trump wants to appear strong, a character trait he shares with that other aggressive autocrat, Vladimir Putin, but instead he comes across as provocative, aggressive (and defensive at the same time), unstatesmanlike, insensitive and plain boorish.

Yes, plain speaking is unusual and refreshing in a politician, but Nelson Mandela managed to speak honestly without antagonising people. Attack might be the best form of defence, but I believe Trump is deluding himself if he thinks America is under attack. Of course there are threats and dangers (we can hardly forget 9/11), but most intelligent people would want to gather as many allies as possible under such circumstances. Trump’s way, unfortunately, inflames his opponents and creates even more enemies. And America, or any of us, needs more enemies right now like a fish needs a bicycle!

You may accuse me of exaggeration, but I don’t think I am over-egging the pudding or scaremongering when I say this is all horribly reminiscent of the rise of the Third Reich, Nazism and Hitler in the 1930’s, a time when the working people of Germany were convinced by a tinpot dictator-to-be that they were downtrodden and it was all the fault of the country’s ethnic minorities, and that the nasty little man rising to power would help them make Germany great again.

If you love democracy, with all its many faults, be very, very vigilant. I sincerely hope I’m wrong, but I’ll say this much: people of the Western World watch out…