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Pride comes before a fall

Whether you like her or not, I can’t help feeling sorry for Mother Theresa (Theresa May, that is).

She was handed a poisoned chalice when former Prime Minister, David Cameron, resigned after misjudging his idea to have a referendum about leaving the EU, she was saddled with implementing a policy she didn’t believe in (before the referendum she campaigned in favour of remaining in the EU), and she thought she was high in the popularity ratings and as a result misjudged her notion to call a general election to “achieve a stronger mandate” for herself before carrying out the Brexit negotiations.

In my opinion, she was perceived as arrogant in assuming her main opposition was unelectable and that she could bank on an increased majority. The British electorate does not like being expected to collude in any politician’s arrogance. Now she has created even more confusion and uncertainty. Plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose, as the French would say.

Just shows you what can happen if you try to do something huge (Brexit) that you don’t believe in.

It would have been much more in keeping with the behaviour of the Impeccable Warrior if, after the referendum and Cameron’s resignation, she simply said, “sorry, I don’t believe in Brexit so I’ll hand over the reins to somebody who does.” I’m sure there would have been plenty of takers.

I do believe we are ready for some political leaders who behave with integrity. In fact, that would be a huge relief. Is there anybody suitable on the horizon?


Why worry?

Somebody recently sent me this:

Do you have a problem in your life? > No. > Then why worry?

Do you have a problem in your life? > Yes > Can you do something about it? > Yes. > Then why worry?

Do you have a problem in your life? > Yes > Can you do something about it? > No. > Then why worry?

Brilliant! I love it!

What’s the point?


I still thank my lucky stars I was born in the UK, and I’m still so proud to be a Londoner!

We’re just about to have a free and fair general election and if they (whoever “they” might be) believe they can intimidate us Londoners into running scared they’ve got another think coming! Last week it was sympathy and sadness for Manchester, now it’s anger for London.

It’s taken centuries for our free democracy to evolve and our equal voting rights to develop and we still have many problems to solve. But despite the blandishments of our misguided political leaders, at least we are gradually progressing along a path of trying to solve them and work for a better, fairer society. Then this happens. How long will it take for all the people of the world to evolve to a higher level of consciousness?

There are so many questions. Can anyone please tell me, what is the point of this mindless violence? What does it achieve? If an innocent man, woman or child dies in London, does that really help anyone’s cause? I don’t get it. Have we lost all respect for one another in this so-called enlightened age? Is it really that difficult to learn to co-exist with our brothers and sisters, no matter what their religious or political beliefs?

It beggars belief but this, it seems, is what we have come to.

Talking is the only way

Sitting here post Manchester feeling really, really sad.

What on earth can we do to end the horrendous and seemingly endless cycles of violence going on all over the world?

How about starting by talking to each other? It’s the only way.

Is it really that hard for a Jew and an Arab to communicate? or an American and an Iraqi? Unless we learn to understand each other, tolerate each others’ differences and learn to co-exist on the same planet, we will never end violence and we will remain in a perpetual state of mourning.

I am so fed up with hearing about limiting immigrants to the UK, or building walls between the USA and Mexico. How will that help anything? It’s just postponing the inevitable. When are we going to learn to trust each other? It’s the only way.

The IRA and the UK Government managed it. The post-apartheid South African regime managed it. True, the latter has certainly not brought about and end to violence in South Africa, but it’s a beginning and it will take a long time and maybe many generations for wounds to heal and society to balance itself. Nelson Mandela and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and at least led by example.

Hey Donald – fancy showing some real statesmanship and giving it a go???