The smoked salmon diet

Major watershed for me yesterday – I hit the ‘one stone lost’ mark! Yippee! That’s the most I’ve ever lost on any diet, ever.

This adds even more evidence to my belief that to achieve any goal you have to get your mindset right first. That usually means making a firm decision which you feel in your heart, and which you mean seriously, about your desire to reach that goal.

But – most important – you do not necessarily have to know how you will achieve that goal before you take it on. Many people don’t realise this and they give up because they believe they don’t know how to go about whatever it is, especially if they have tried and failed many times before, but if you get it right in your heart and your mind and you really mean it, then you’re virtually home and dry – as long as you take action and keep focused. Of course that means maintaining your awareness at all times so you don’t fall victim to your inner saboteur.

That’s because then it’s only a matter of following a procedure. Once you have made your decision, your first step will become apparent as will each subsequent step. All you have to do is keep going till you get there.

After many half hearted attempts at losing weight and failing every time, things came to a crunch for me a couple of months ago when I was touring in Israel. Most places we went we stayed in hotels, sometimes only for one night, and most hotel rooms have en-suite bathrooms with extensive mirrors.

That meant every time I took a shower I was confronted with the inescapable sight of my unsightly bulk, which, when we were in Eilat, I was mercilessly inflicting on the other unfortunate users of the beach. I could not avoid my situation any longer.

This came to a crisis point in my mind when confronted with the typical Israeli breakfast every morning, which I can only describe as massive. So huge in fact that we couldn’t eat lunch most days.

It got to a point when I was feeling quite distraught about having allowed myself to fall into such a state and feeling powerless to do anything about it and that’s when I realised I’d have to give up playing victim and take back control of my health and well being.

That was the point at which it became possible. I suddenly got serious about my need to lose weight. And immediately I started feeling better.

If you find yourself in a similar position, do not despair. Just get serious and focus your intent like a laser.

More about this in future posts, and I’ll explain why I call this the smoked salmon diet.


The difference between consciousness and awareness?

Many people ask me this question.

It’s very simple. Awareness means that you actually know that you are conscious. As far as we know, only humans can do that.

My dog, for example, has consciousness, but I don’t believe from observing her behaviour that she has the awareness that she is conscious.

Some people would have you believe that a cabbage has consciousness, but I have no idea whether that’s true or not.

Why is conscious awareness important to we humans? Because with awareness we have conscious choices. We can take control of our lives. Therefore the most empowering thing we can do for ourselves is to develop or raise our conscious awareness to the highest possible level.

According to the late Indian master, Osho, awareness is contagious. I think he means that as a metaphor:

“I would like you all to be deeply, intensely, passionately in life, with one condition only: alertness, watchfulness, witnessing. And I know the difficulty arises, because you will be living with millions of sleepy people. And sleep is contagious, just as awareness is. Awareness, too, is contagious – hence the significance of being with a master.

The master cannot give you the truth. Nobody can give the truth to anybody else; it is untransferable. Then what is the function of a master? Then what is the use of searching for a master? Then why be a disciple at all? Still there is a reason, and the reason is that awareness is as contagious as sleepiness.” Osho