Talking is the only way

Sitting here post Manchester feeling really, really sad.

What on earth can we do to end the horrendous and seemingly endless cycles of violence going on all over the world?

How about starting by talking to each other? It’s the only way.

Is it really that hard for a Jew and an Arab to communicate? or an American and an Iraqi? Unless we learn to understand each other, tolerate each others’ differences and learn to co-exist on the same planet, we will never end violence and we will remain in a perpetual state of mourning.

I am so fed up with hearing about limiting immigrants to the UK, or building walls between the USA and Mexico. How will that help anything? It’s just postponing the inevitable. When are we going to learn to trust each other? It’s the only way.

The IRA and the UK Government managed it. The post-apartheid South African regime managed it. True, the latter has certainly not brought about and end to violence in South Africa, but it’s a beginning and it will take a long time and maybe many generations for wounds to heal and society to balance itself. Nelson Mandela and the Archbishop Desmond Tutu and at least led by example.

Hey Donald – fancy showing some real statesmanship and giving it a go???


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