About Dave Robson

I specialise in helping people to live more consciously.

Primarily I’m a writer and life coach, but I teach meditation and Wu Wei (Wu Wei is the Taoist practice of non-doing), which sets me apart from all the other coaches out there. I believe happiness and fulfilment begin with first getting to know yourself inside out, which means that sooner or later you must be still and silent and listen to the voice of your heart. Clients come to me when they are on the verge of giving up trying to be “successful” in the conventional sense, yet are still nurturing the hope that there must be a better, more meaningful and more conscious way to lead their lives. That’s exactly what I show them.

Every month I send out a free e-newsletter entitled Namaste which, like this blog, is designed for people who want to live more consciously. (Namaste is a Sanskrit word, a traditional greeting which roughly translates as my inner being respectfully greets the inner being in you). I also write a regular column in two local monthly magazines on various coaching topics. My first book is entitled The Five Pillars of Happiness (Wizard Publishing). You can find it on Amazon.

I’ve been on a path of personal development for at least 45 years, which include some years as a disciple of a guru, a three year period of having one-to-one psychotherapy, and many years of meditation, all of which amply qualify me from a place of deep understanding, insight and compassion, to specialise in helping people to live more consciously .

Sailing is my other big passion and Prana, my 40 ft yacht, is based in Southern Brittany. The Atlantic coast of France (Bay of Biscay) is my playground. Other pursuits include music, carpentry and woodturning.

Please feel free to contact me with feedback or questions. I’ll do my best to answer.


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